Re: Re: lesson 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Ahtsham!

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Now let’s get down to it.

You we’re VERY enthusiastic with your first few submissions to the Icon Photography School and that’s great!

Many people signup for the course and do not get going through the course.

[attachment=1:1cnwf62j]web critiqued 1.jpeg[/attachment:1cnwf62j]
1: This is great! The most interesting part of your image is the element that is in focus. Always try to ensure that the element that is the most interesting is completely in focus. In this case the handset of the phone is about half in and half of out of focus due to shallow depth of field.

2: You will learn more about this in future lessons but if possible remove unnecessary elements from your frame.

3: This is also very nice and your use of depth of field here ensures that the handset is what the viewer’s eyes look at.

4: I like that there is some depth here as well. Although you want to be careful with areas like this where you lose all detail.

The overall perspective and angle here is very interesting and unique. You’ve done an outstanding job here.

[attachment=0:1cnwf62j]web critiqued 2.jpeg[/attachment:1cnwf62j]
1: I like your creative idea for using candles (and foreground elements in general here) but just be aware that your camera has limited dynamic range. This means that it can’t see as much into the darks and highlights in one image as your eye can. Your eye can see the candles and the dark background at the same time but your camera will have trouble with it. That said it’s a fantastic idea to add something like this in the foreground to break up the image and add some dynamism to it.

2 and 3: Oops I made a mistake here. The 2 and the 4 below it should say 2 and 3. Sorry about that… This is what’s known as bokeh in photography. It’s a great way to add some style to a photograph and it breaks up the image quite nicely so good job. Take a look here at some more examples of bokeh.

4: As I mentioned in the previous image (#2) be aware of distracting elements in your frame. They can take the viewer’s eye away from the main areas of interest.

Overall you’ve done a fantastic job here and I’m happy to see that you’ve taken on the course at full speed!

Great job here, you have been creative and you have shot your images from varying perspectives and you’ve clearly shown that you fully understand the first lesson! 😀

Think about removing elements from your frame when you can in the future.

Nice job and I will see you on the next assignment!