Re: Re: Lesson 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful assignment.

With this assignment it’s important not only to analyze the “beauty” image, but it’s also important to deconstruct the “beast” image to find out what elements you focused on improving.

Let’s begin by looking at your “beast” image. For starters the image has disorganized composition especially around the left and bottom walls of the image. I like how you’ve incorporated some type of fabric into the left wall of the composition which provides negative (but textured) space which helps you focus your audience’s attention to the right side of the frame. That being said, I don’t like how the bottom of the fabric is visible. The space at the bottom of the composition really seems like dead space to me. The lighting is also “fronty” and from above which has stripped the composition of depth.

On a similar note, I’m not sure I like how the foreground object (i.e. bottle) interacts with the middle-ground object (i.e. Tupperware). There doesn’t seem to be any sense of balance or rhythm in this shot.

However, your “beauty” image corrects all of these issues. You’ve simplified and cleaned up your 4 walls, your organized your color palette (I should say your tonal palette), you’ve incorporated a stronger sense of depth and you’ve established a sense of rhythm and balance in your shot.

Great work on your first assignment!