Re: Re: Lesson 1: Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Great Idea Jaime.

I like you idea about turning the fan on in your second picture and capturing it with a slower shutter speed. That is definitely an interesting idea and one worth exploring more. I’m sure it has many artistic variables.

You’ve done a great job of transforming your first picture “beast” into a much more beautiful second picture “beauty”.

However, I did notice one small composition mistake in your second picture. It’s a very common mistake but also one of the easiest mistakes to fix. By fixing this one small thing in all of your photographs you’re well on your way to composing much more professional images.

Be careful of “amputation”. Amputation occurs when you unintentionally “cut” one of your primary areas of interest with one of the 4 walls of your photograph. In this assignment you’ve cut (just slightly) the light shade on the left hand side of the picture. You’ve just cut off a sliver, but it’s distracting to the eye and shows that lack of focus was paid to the areas around the 4 walls of the photograph.

Remember, the photograph is not just wants in the center; it’s about the outer area as well. Keep a VERY close eye on the 4 walls of your photograph to ensure you keep amputations to a minimum or at least intentional.

Overall, great work!