Re: Re: Lesson 1: Lamp

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there,

First, welcome to our little community!

Second, don’t forget to follow photographyicon on twitter or follow me personally.

Now that you’ve done your first assignment I’d like to congratulate you on taking steps toward being an better photographer.

In this assignment specifically I want you think and shoot the world differently from now on. You have to see the world as the most incredible and visually place you could possibly imagine.

There is beauty, drama, action, and incredible photographic opportunities EVERYWHERE. There is always at least 10 incredible photographs to be taken at any given moment.

I’m convinced of this fact.

With that in mind, you’ve already done that. You’ve found something that a non-photographer would ignore as boring and you’ve tried to showcase whats interesting about it.

This notion can help you through your photography. This is one of the many little lessons you will have to keep in your mind when you shoot and it will certainly improve your photography.

You will want to think to yourself, what exactly is it that I’m photographing and why is this interesting enough for it to be worth my lens and the time of anyone viewing the image?

When you consider that, you will shoot more interesting photographs immediately.

Here are a couple examples or related images that are interesting:

photo by tonythemisfit

photo by pagedooley

I’m happy to have you as a member of our community and I look forward to your work going forward.

Well done here.

See you on the next assignment. High fives! 😀