Re: Re: Lesson 1 – Re-discovering your World

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work.

What’s interesting about your assignment is that I wouldn’t consider either of your photographs “beast” images. The idea was to find something boring and capture it in an unconvincing way. Next you were to find angles and ideas in the scene that would help you dramatize and simplify the shot. However, both of your images have clean composition, great color control, clear focus and strong artistic elements as well.

What you’ve done isn’t wrong, it’s just very different than the rest of the submissions. That being said, there is still room for discussion within both photographs. The “angle 1” photograph has very strong composition. There are clear horizontal lines breaking the photograph up into the rule of thirds in the background, the image is centered and the park bench gives the image a slightly less formally balanced look as well as provides context. You’ve achieved a great sense of depth and your side lighting is spectacular as it draws out the textures in the scene.

Both images have great exposure and color control. You’ll learn about this more in upcoming lessons, but the idea is to limit your color palette to help you simplify larger and more chaotic scenes.

You’ve done such a wonderful job with this assignment. Thank you for submitting.