Re: Re: Lesson 1. Submission

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Santiago,

These are indeed much much better.

A couple things to note here.

First the orangey yellow color of both photographs is because your camera’s automatic white balance doesn’t know how to make sense of the colors it’s seeing. White balance is a funny thing and you will learn more about color temperature and theory as you progress through the course but suffice it to say that you camera is kind of dumb. Well it’s dumb when you compare it to the human brain. You see the human brain knows what colors things should be. If you see a piece of paper you know it’s white and you see it that way. But a camera doesn’t know anything so it has to try to figure out what color is what.

Understanding white balance is one quick way to improve your images. The easiest thing to do is to match the white balance setting on your camera to the light source you are shooting in. Suffice it to say it’s a complicated subject but for now your best bet is to match the light source to the white balance setting. So if you’re shooting in sunlight set your white balance to the little sun icon. Incandescent light? Use the little light bulb icon.

The more you learn about photography the more you will understand just how important color is for nice photographs.

So that explains why these photos have weird color… Your camera guessed and it guess wrong.

More importantly you’ve done the assignment much better this time.

Here is another quick tip for making your photos way better almost immediately.

Add people.

For some reason when folks start learning photography they have this desire to remove people from their images. I’m not sure why that is but I see it all the time. This is a mistake. Add people to your images even if it’s just a hand holding one of these cups. Adding people almost always makes a photograph more interesting and easier to relate to as the viewer.

Overall nice job here.

Work on your white balance and don’t forget to add people.

See you on the next assignment!