Re: Re: Lesson 10

Duncan Rawlinson

Oh look it’s Lynnie, one of my favourite students to date!!

How are you?!

This is Lesson 10

Title: Landscape or Cityscape

This will be an assignment that will test your practical knowledge of landscape or cityscape photography. For this assignment you will need to take a visually impressive cityscape or landscape shot (depending on whichever is more convenient for you to achieve).

Your picture should take into consideration everything we’ve spoken about thus far. Take care with your composition and lighting. When you are ready you can upload your work to our online student assignment center.

Now, just because your one of my favourite students doesn’t mean you can cheat and submit two photos instead of one! lol!

I’m kidding of course and you’ve submitted two nice photographs.

It’s a pleasure for me to hear that you’ve discovered how your city is in fact quite ‘photogenic’…

One of the things about getting better with your photography is that you often just have to make time, and make a little extra effort to get out there.

You have submitted two images.

Your first image is nice but I noticed the main problem instantly. Ask yourself what is interesting about the elements in this frame? Is it the trees? Or is it really the city? It’s the city of course so the image would have been nicer if you had removed the trees.

If this means walking through knee deep snow for an hour to get the shot than so be it!! No but seriously and all joking aside. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking yourself “what’s interesting or unique about this moment/place in time?” and then shooting just that. I ask myself that question hundreds of times when I’m just out casually shooting like this.

Sometimes all it takes is a little extra work. In this case walking down beyond the trees. Or moving to higher ground where you can shoot with the trees below the cityscape.

Your second photograph looks interesting and you’ve done what’s known as a frame within a frame. This is yet another clever technique photographers have “developed” (so to speak) to focus attention on a certain area of the frame.

If you notice in this image your eye is drawn to the building at centre of frame.

This is a great technique but you really want something special to be inside these frames… Maybe this building has special meaning to you. But it’s not the most visually appealing building…

Overall I think you understand what you’re doing. Just don’t forget your rules of composition when you shoot your landscapes.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!!