Re: Re: Lesson 10 by Annette

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi annette,

Nice job with these.

I will annotate them one at a time:

1: This area is over exposed. you may want to get a graduated neutral density filter

Check your histogram. Here it is for this image:

2: The colors in this area are quite lovely!

3: This is a great idea although having the person who is fishing in the image might be a good idea as well as a foreground element.

4: Reflections are always great! Nicely done!

Now onto the next image.


1: I like that you are trying to add various human elements into your images. It always help add a sense of scale to your photography.

2: Again nice use of color here Annette but I’m not sure this is as sharp as it could be.

3: Keep in mind you want to avoid having extraneous elements like this.

And now the final image:

1: overexposed again here (same as the other one)

2: this area is out of focus. if you can shoot with a tripod or a monopod if camera shake is an issue. On images like this you always want to have as much depth of field as you can.

3: Try to avoid clipping stuff like this.

4: Oops there is no 4!

5: I like your use of repetition, lines, and pattern here. Keep that up!

6: Adding little elements like this is again great for scale in photos.

Nice work here. You just need to work on the little details like overexposed skies and sharpness but you’re certainly doing some nice work.

See you on the next assignment.