Re: Re: Lesson #10: Landscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Beautiful photograph.

This image really ties in so many of the photograph elements we’ve discussed up until this point. You have incorporated a strong and simplified color palette, your center and 4 walls are organized very well, you’ve incorporated a sense of depth and layers and you’ve even added a atmospheric quality to help give the image a mysterious and gentle fee. Great work.

I love how this image starts out in the foreground with deep blacks and then moves into dark, but vibrant greens before fading off into lighting gradients of the same color. It’s truly beautiful.

The outlines of the trees in the foreground also help provide shape to the composition which would otherwise be too focused on just the lines created by the mountains. This helps add an extra layer of complexity while still maintaining full control of the organization of the image.

My only recommendation would be to ensure you are not in soft focus. I’m having a hard time identifying what area of this photograph is in sharp focus. It’s not noticeable when it’s small, but when I enlarge it I have a hard time identifying your focal point.

Overall, great work.