Re: Re: Lesson 10 – Landscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Amazing image. One of your strongest yet.

There are many different photographic elements all existing coherently within this one composition. For example, you’re using reflection to help double the “weight” of the trees in the background. This gives them more prominence. You’re also using lines (the shore line) to help draw your audience towards the back of the composition. Lines are also found in your foreground, which together with your shoreline help create a triangle shape (which is one of my favourite photographic shapes).

You’re also working with a simplified color palette in a large geographic space which helps you organize your image. Great work!

My main recommendation for your image has to do with perspective and balance. Notice your horizon line is dead center. It’s not wrong to break the rule of thirds, but in this case I think it would have benefited you to abide by the rule by moving your perspective lower and including less of the sky and more of the ground (which would subsequently act as a strong foreground object).

For example, look at the following photograph:

However, if your sky is interesting, you’ll want to expose more of that layer so you can change your composition to be more balance. Either way, I thin it helps to bring in a stronger foreground element.

Notice the great skies in the following photographs:


overall, great work!