Re: Re: Lesson 10 – Photo Styles: Cityscape


@teacher wrote:

Interesting interpretation on this assignment.

This assignment you’ve used lines, shapes and colors as your primary elements. pyramid shape structures are great because they naturally create triangular shapes and diagonal lines which helps create a naturally dramatic look. It’s always interesting to get away from vertical and horizontal lines. Diagonal lines and triangular shapes are less common in our day to day lives and that is likely one of the reasons that photography audiences are drawn towards photographs that incorporate these shapes and lines.

Looking at this photograph from a technical standpoint you’ve done a great job. Both of the sides of the pyramid were cut off at the same point on each side ensuring that the photograph maintains its left / right balance. You’ve chosen to amputate this photograph at the perfect place. You’ve also used the rule of thirds in both your colors and objects. The bottom of your image is the bright grass, the middle of the shot is the light brown pyramid and then the other 1/3 of the photograph is composed of a brilliant blue sky (did you shoot this with a polarizing filter?).

Each color represents about 33% of the pixels which helps emphasize the very balanced and symmetrical look you were going for. Great job.

This is not a criticism, but instead a general recommendation: It would have been interesting to see how this shot looked with a wide angle lens. You would have been able to stand at the same distance and you would have included both sides of the pyramid. Not only that, but you would have pulled out the front corner of the pyramid. It would have exaggerated the depth of the pyramid and made the viewer feel slightly closer. Although, based on your lens choice I think you did the best with the lens you used. I would just be interested to see how this shot looked with a wide angle or super-wide angle.

Again thank you very much!!!!

I did not use a filter…I did some processing in photoshop for the sky…

I agree a wide angle lens comment, I would have loved to shoot it with wide angle to get the whole pyramid, but as you have commented I was limited to my 24-70mm, lens, so in order to get as close as I wanted I had to cut off the sides of the pyramid…I love wide angle lenses, so I am right there with you!!!!