Re: Re: lesson 11

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work on this assignment.

There are, however, a few things I would like you to reconsider about a few technical elements.

For starters there is less space on the side of the composition that the subject is looking towards. As a general rule of thumb, the subject should look towards the direction where there is more space. It’s uncomfortable for audiences to see a subject looking in a direction where we, as the audience, don’t have a visual reference. For example look at this portrait:

Notice that there is slightly more space on the side where the subject is looking?

Secondly, some of the whites in your background are blown out. This is a common problem with digital cameras but you should try to avoid this technical issue when possible by either controlling your lighting or changing your location to a place with less “hot spots”.

We’ve written an entire blog post about this issue (i.e. dynamic range and latitude) here:

One of the features I like most about this assignment is that you’re key light is located “down stage”. This means that instead of the side of the face closest to the camera being lit by the key light, the part of the face further away has the most light on it. This light moulding technique creates a beautiful sense of depth.

Other than that, great work on this assignment.