Re: Re: Lesson 11

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photograph. You have a very clear outline of your main subjects and you’ve managed to use a good depth of field to help focus your audience attention on the main area of interest while at the same time providing context.

I also like how you’re experimenting with unusual and non traditional shapes. The long vertical crop looks very nice.

I have two words of advice for you with this shot.

1. Cropping the shot at body joints can sometimes make the shot look awkard. Watching films is a great way to see where to amputate if you must do so. But as a general rule of thumb do not crop the body at any joint (knees, wrist, neck, ankles etc). You’ve cropped the man at his knees which is a little distracting for the viewer.

2. Secondly, I feel it may have been more powerful if there was more negative space to the left of the frame in the direction that that the little girl is looking. I feel that it would have provided better composition and more dramatic balance.

I hope this helps.