Re: Re: Lesson 12

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Fred,

First things first.

Getting this setup and running is great. You’ve setup a site on your own domain and that’s good too. However there are some serious issues with your site. The main problem is that your portfolio is a link to a powerpoint presentation. Now this is a really bad idea.

I’m not sure if you’re using a content management system to run your website but forcing someone to run a .ppt file to look at your images is just not going to work. People will bounce from your website immediately.

You need to showcase your images in a very beautiful way and make the images front and center. Not the technology.

I would highly recommend using photoshelter. With them you can use your own domain name and also manage your entire library and sell prints etc etc. My photo site runs on photoshelter.

What are you using to run your website? Or are you hand coding it?

Don’t get me wrong.

You’ve done very well to get this thing running and live. Now it needs to be improved.