Re: Re: Lesson 12 – Flickr Portfolio

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tom,

Nice job getting your photos online. I’ve been a fan of Flickr for a long time. Here are a couple quick things you can do to improve your Flickr account.

Get a vanity url:

Your flickr url is:

for instance mine is:

I think you can update it here:

Be careful though because you can’t go back!

Also you should add some sets and or galleries to organize your images by event or theme.

Here are my photosets for example:

Another item would be to update your profile with contact information / website etc. Almost every day someone contacts me who wants to pay me to use some of my photographs for something. They do this buy going to my profile page:

Also you should pick your licensing. I choose creative commons Attribution, Noncommercial license. That way people can use my images for their creative projects etc…

I like that each photo has descriptions but also remember to to tag them. The more metadata you can associate with your images the more searchable they are…

Finally, be cautious about investing too much time into flickr. The service is dying a slow death at the hands of yahoo. I would predict that in a five or ten years it will be gone. But until this it’s a very viable platform for photosharing.

Another option if you get more serious is that you may want to control your own domain or use one of the newer photosharing services like