Re: Re: Lesson 2

Cesar Guzzetti


Initially upon reading the second assignment I felt a sense of uneasiness. What was I going to write about? I have not a favorite photographer. I create images because I enjoy creating them and I never thought about following any particular artist work. Interestingly enough this assignment turned to be quite a positive experience indeed, this assignment as been a nice introduction to various photographers and there perspectives.

I found Andrew Moore as I searched on the net for photographers that create images of structures, objects and moments not necessarily people focused, although Moore’s work does contain images with humans in them, it appears the humans appear as real subjects with in a larger story. From what I have seen many of his images attempt to capture reality and not a false reality which is what I find in fashion photography or photography that focuses on subjects that are made up for the shoot. Now I have nothing against creating images of humans, on the contrary I quite fond of creating images of humans, humans that are not completely aware that I am actually taking the image. I find that is the best way to capture the moment. Although I have done some hobby fashion photography, the vanity is a turn off for me. And I do not mean the vanity of the models although they also contain much, I am speaking of mine. I find when taking images of structure or objects or events that it is much easier on my ego. Moore’s architectural work is amazing, he understand which lens to use and how to use it. He captures the beauty of spaces that most might not have the ability to see, and does not necessarily shoot only pristine structures, in fact some of the work I looked through was of old run down homes in Detroit. I suppose that is why I enjoy his work, great angles and realism. Not only that but he can take an object frame it properly and an image is created that can be called art. That is something that fascinates me to take something that is mundane and turn it into something that the eye enjoys to gaze upon.

There are many images that I really liked, if I had to pick one from his website that really stood out for me it would be corridor Verde. Again he appears to spend the time to wait for the perfect light and he sees some very interesting lines within the frame. I will definitely be studying up on his work.