Re: Re: Lesson 2

Duncan Rawlinson

There are some really key insights here in your piece.

For one your we’re hesitant to try something and yet you did it and learned anyway. This is really a super useful way to live your life as a photographer. Some of the best images I’ve ever taken we’re right after I hesitated!

Now you’ve also gotten right to the root of this assignment which is to try learn more about what inspires you as a photographer! It seems that realist architectural photography is what floats your boat and that’s awesome!

I believe this is the photograph you are referring to:

photo by andrew moore

I can see why you like this image. It’s a stunning piece of work. It’s practically a masterclass in what makes for a nice photograph.

It has everything! In this single image Andrew Moore manages to incorporate many of the techniques and elements that make for a nice image:

    leading lines
    patterns and repetition
    vibrant colors
    great composition
    a frame within a frame
    a nice use of perspective
    rich textures
    an interesting foreground, mid-ground, and background
    etc etc

Now, ask yourself how often you can manage to encapsulate all of those elements in one frame?! It’s not easy to do and you’ve rightly pointed out that it takes time and work. Undoubtedly Mr Moore has spent quite a bit of time refining his craft. As students of photography we can learn a great deal from his images.

I hope you enjoyed this assignment and you’ve refined your area of interest in photography and that you’re more excited than ever to improve your photographs.

Nice job here.

See you on the next assignment!