Re: Re: Lesson 2

Duncan Rawlinson

The assignment:

What you need to do for this assignment is write a 500 word paper (approximately 1 page) on a photographer or artist that has had an impact on yourself as an artist. In this article you need to identify 2 important things.

1. A particular piece of work they created which was of particular importance to you.

2. What theme within their work is of greatest importance to you (i.e. war, love, family, color etc)

We will review this assignment based on originality and perspective. There are no right or wrong answers. The aim of this assignment is to get you thinking about your own area of interest within the realm of photography.

FANTASTIC! This is a great little essay.

You’ve clearly shown that you’ve been inspired by Gordon Parks and that you’ve found one piece of particular importance to you. Here it is:

Photography has a very dramatic impact on the world, history, and how people think.

On any given day take a look at’s Big Picture and it will completely impact you on an emotional level. It will move you, scare you, excite you. All with photography…

That’s what we should all aspire to do with our photography, to move people in some way. If not what’s the point?!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You say:

I am far from being, what anyone would call a competent photographer

I will call you a competent photographer right now! You’re learning, we’re all learning. The point is to get better and never stop getting better.

Be proud of your work even if you know it could be better. I struggle with this. I often find one tiny little imperfection with a photo and immediately hate it.

Be gentle on yourself when you’re learning. You’ll make mistakes and learn from them.

I can’t wait to see what you shoot in the future.

Great job!