Re: Re: Lesson 2: Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

I’m a terrible writer so I know how you feel!

Any chance you want to add a name/website/blog to your signature? It’s always easier to track a students’ progress when I can put a name to the post! 😉

Regarding your piece I’m very glad that you’ve spent some time thinking about what inspires you. This is a very well thought out and lucid piece. You’ve done very well!

Sometimes it’s demoralizing to look at the work of the masters of photography. You get to look at their best images from the entire life in a few minutes… I often find it inspiring though and it makes me clearer about why I love photography and why I want to continue shooting.

Everyone wants to be Ansel Adams, or in your case Mary Ellen Mark!

If you can take away anything from looking at her work and the work of the best photographers it’s that they all worked extremely hard over long periods of time.

Here are a couple of my favorite images of hers:



We can all work harder and shoot more to improve!

Btw, If you haven’t see it, she was on Charlie Rose you can watch it and learn more about her here:

Onto the next assignment for you!!