Re: Re: Lesson 2 Assignment Entry


@teacher wrote:

Very well said. The purpose of this assignment was to get you to raise questions about yourself such as “what your style is”. You can often learn more about your own style by analyzing the photographs of photographers you admire. So by saying that you like the “darker side of life” gives me a good indication that your photography portfolio should have the overall look to it. Night photography with vibrant colors is quite hard to achieve both technically and artistically. That being said, as you know, it can also be one of the most pleasant forms of photography to work with.

Based on the information in this essay, if it’s okay with you, I would like to see a strong slant towards the theme “dark side of life”, in your next assignments. It doesn’t have to be in them all, but it will help you gain experience shooting this type of photography.

I look forward to seeing your next assignment.

Glad to hear what I wrote is ok, I was a little worried about it.

Yeah, I know night photography with vibrant colors is a very difficult photograph to take properly. That I what I am hoping to take away from doing this, is to possible be able to learn how to take them…I love a challenge and am willing to do what it takes to learn this skill set.

I will totally work “the dark side of life” into my photography through out all of this, granted some lessons may not require that type of shooting. But I will try to incorporate it into my lessons. Thanks for the kind words…