Re: Re: Lesson 2 Inspiration

Duncan Rawlinson

It’s hard to believe how many incredible photographers there are or have been.

Richard Avedon’s work is positively stunning.

Take a look at this slideshow:

This is probably one of my favorite images of his:


Now, what’s important here is that you have isolated some things that interest you in photography.

This is huge.

It took me years to realize that I like landscape photographs and macro photographs. You’ve already realized that you like stylized black and white fashion photographs. Or something to that effect and that’s great!

Now it’s critical not to let that limit you creatively or narrow your focus too far. Just know that this type of thing inspires you. Don’t let it take over your creative energy. You have to figure out your own thing and develop your own style.

Regarding “moments” did you watch this Henri Cartier Bresson video I sent out recently:

If not you must watch it.

In terms of the technical side of photography, it’s like anything else. It requires practice. It requires patience and it requires you to fail over and over…

You’ll get there.

Nice work here Tammy!