Re: Re: Lesson 2: Inspiration

Duncan Rawlinson

Welcome to assignment 2!

Your piece was both thoughtful and interesting. I’m glad you really took the time to dig in and think about it. Sometimes people just glaze over this one and don’t really put a genuine effort into it.

Some key things that you discussed in your piece we’re as follows. You found a creative person that inspires in you in: You also mentioned that you are inspired by what I would hesitantly call gothic photography.

A great example of this would be the [url:]Suicide Girls[/url]. (NUDITY NOT SAFE FOR WORK) That’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but this genre is extremely popular.

So yes, there are alternative routes to take.

It’s important for your creative vision to know what inspires you and how other people do their work! What’s more is that you’ve already found that you’re more into the darkness, the mystery, and the desperation visually. That’s great! It’s different and not what most photogaphers choose to focus on.

Most people try to showcase the beauty of the world. Puppy dogs, flowers, and rainbows… I’m just as guilty of that as the next guy so I would really encourage you to follow through with your instincts here and your inspiration and continue to shoot the um, dark side, if you will. The ugly and contorted.

I’m glad this assignment has allowed you to realized quite a bit more about art and inspiration and a creative direction.

Continue to develop your own personal style and do your own thing.

Be unique.

Btw, here is that video you mentioned:

beautiful people by marilyn manson: