Re: Re: Lesson 2 – Kirk

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Kirk!

Thanks for writing up this assignment. You’ve done very well.

I too share your love for ridiculous levels of detail. So much so that I’m seriously considering getting one of these behemoths.

I have this sinking feeling that the images I’m shooting now just won’t cut the mustard 20 years from now in terms of resolution and quality.

In fact I wrote a little bit about that here.

You should take a look at

In terms of photorealism you have to tip your had to artists with the patience and the energy who spend that much time creating one image.

I have to disagree with your notion about how it takes a second to create a great photograph though. From my perspective I think every image is the culmination of all of your previous work and expeience. To create a truly masterful image it will take years and years of practice. So in that sense it’s not just a second to create a stunning photography. I understand what you mean though, the action of creating the photo takes a fraction of a second!

If you’re concerned about getting maximum detail in your images you’ll want to do a few things. Obviously you’ll want to retain optimum focus. Many times this involves using a tripod and taking your photos seriously. It means breaking out your tripod in weird places and being ‘that guy’…

I have attached a higher resolution of the piece of art you mentioned by Chuck Close so that other students can learn from the detail and the focus of this work:


Nice work here Kirk!

I hope this helps your clarify your area of interest in photography and gets you inspired to get out and keep shooting!

Also I responded to your note about which lens to use on the ‘which camera do you use’ thread.