Re: Re: lesson 3

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Amy!

First both of these images are quite nice! Second it’s not really a rule or anything but it will help if you minimize the amount of post processing on the images before you submit them. I like the sepia tone and the vignetting in these images respectively but it makes it hard to see the real image. It’s up to you though!

Now your image of the fountain wasn’t exactly “captured using a slow shutter speed on a moving subject which will create the illusion of motion within a two dimensional space.” Although it was shot at a slow shutter and it does show the motion of the water.

Be careful with you composition on things like this. Take a minute or two extra and really work on your composition. For example the top of the fountain has been cropped.

Also this is a very sharp and symmetrical object so aligning this in the center of the frame works well but the whole image is slanted slightly to the right. What’s more part of the fountain is blocked by a bush.

The beauty of things like this is that they a) don’t move and b) will pretty much always be there. That means you should take your time and set up a perfect shot.

On your image of the tall grass and the sea you have certainly achieved shallow depth of field. Also important here is your use of color. These colors really work well together in this photo. Again, be away of your composition. This feels a bit too tightly composed. That being said it’s better to be too close than too far away.

Overall you’ve done very well and these are a couple of really delightful images.

See you on the next assignment.