Re: Re: Lesson 3 from Sevcat

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey sevcat,

When shooting panning images I do not use a tripod. It’s too restrictive. If I we’re to use one in this scenario it would be lens mounted because i’d be using a relatively large telephoto lens…

I’ve found this video illustrates the technique probably better than any other I have seen:

You have done an outstanding job of nailing this assignment.

The panning is is excellent. As you mentioned it could use a little more lead room. Also it’s a bit crooked. The photograph is tilted slightly down and to the right… In future you can use a bit of a higher ISO in this situation. It will allow you to get sharper images…

Other than that it perfectly illustrates motion and even speed! Well done!!

This technique takes practice!!!

Now on your second image you’ve also aced it. You’ve shot a nice shallow depth of field image.

My only recommendation here would have been to get a little tighter on the animal. Like this:

[attachment=0:3a5kr7rq]Lesson 3 dof cropped.jpg[/attachment:3a5kr7rq]

Also notice how there is almost a catchlight int he animal’s eye here.

Try to use that to your advantage when shooting portraits of people as well.

Overall you’ve done very well here!

I hope are enjoying the course.