Re: Re: Lesson 3 (Motion + Depth)

Duncan Rawlinson

First the good: These are decent photographs on their own. The second photograph is clearly more interesting and dymanic than the first.

Now the bad: The first photo doesn’t really meet the assignment’s requirements.

The assignment reads:

The first photograph should be captured using a slow shutter speed on a moving subject which will create the illusion of motion within a two dimensional space.

This photo must have been taken at a relatively high shutter speed because the soft drink has been frozen in time flowing out of the can. Given that, it actually appears that there is no motion at all.

We recommend you try the first photography in the assignment again.

Given that, your second photography is good. You have shown that you have enough control of your camera to create a shallow depth of field.

This is quite an abstract image and since there is no right or wrong in something subjective like this we can only give you advice. We’d recommend that if you’re going to use shallow depth of field that you take the viewers eye to the most dynamic element in the frame. Use the technique to control what people are looking at. In this case it seems there is no reason to focus on any individual item in the photo.

Keep it up. If we’re tough on you it’s only because we want you to get better.

As always, we look forward to seeing you progress through the course.