Re: Re: Lesson 3: Using Your Camera’s Automatic Settings for Eye-Cat

Duncan Rawlinson

Beautiful work.

You’ve done a great job with composing both images. This assignment asked that you show your understanding of both depth and motion and you’ve done a great job of both of those technical tasks. However, you’ve accomplished this assignment with more than just a technical display of your abilities. Both images have strong compositional elements to them. To name a few elements that exists within both images:

1. Great color palette control and simplicity
2. No amputation around the edges of the frame
3. Beautifully textured through the use of lighting
4. Great focus
5. Strong sense of depth and layers to help provide the illusion of 3 dimensions in a 2 dimensional space.

Great work.

My only recommendation would be for you to experiment with balance and object placement a little more. You’re using fairly formal balance in both images with your main object found in the center of the composition. This isn’t wrong even though it challenges the rule of thirds, but I think it would be interesting for you to experiment with placement a little more. Try using more informal balance in your upcoming assignments. It’s natural to place your main object in the center of the composition but try placing them on one of the intersecting corners of the rule of thirds. I think you’ll be happy with the results.

Overall, great work on this assignment!