Re: Re: Lesson 3 – Wyckoff

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Kyrk,

Thanks for sending this in.

Your have achieved all of the goals of this assignment.

You have shown that you can photograph something with a slow shutter speed to highlight motion. Also you’ve shown that you can shoot an image with shallow depth of field.

These are quite important as you move forward with your photography. You will become increasingly aware of how to manipulate these two techniques to get the look you want. Eventually you will the look you want in your mind and be able to apply the right technique to achieve that look. In other words, you see the photo you want to create and everything else comes naturally.

In terms of these photos specifically lets get into this a little.

Your image of the cluster of flowers is nice. What’s particularly nice in this image is that there is a very nice subtle use of a soft background that actually focuses the eye on the main element.

There is literally a cross hair in the bkg that is centered on the flowers. Whether you did this consciously or not is irrelevant. Just take note. I think it works!

Next time I would cut off the other cluster of flowers though and just focus on the one.

The next image, the fountain is nice.

It always amazes me what water actually looks like when you can slow down time. By the way. How incredible that we can do this with photography.

You’ve done a very nice job with this photo.

Most of the time when people send in stuff like this all the leaves are blurred due to wind.

Maybe this was indoor but either way the whole thing is razor sharp so you’ve done well.

In the future you may want to use a neutral density filter for this type of image.

Overall I think you’ve done great work here.

Do you have any questions about this assignment specifically?

Lemme know.

Great to be working with you Kyrk!

On another note, I have posted some new galleries on my portfolio site if you want to take a look: