Re: Re: Lesson 4 Filters

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for submitting another photograph to the Icon Photography School student forum.

First it’s great that you’ve gone ahead and tried to start using filters. That’s really the goal of this assignment, to just get you started with filters. So on that front you’ve done the assignment.

However, there is a time and a place for all filters.

Colored filters are generally used for black and white film photography.

That said if you are shooting digital to make black and white prints you can just post process the image using software and this would do what the colored fitler would do.

In other words unless you are shooting black and white film there isn’t much use for a colored filter these days other than if you want to make some funky looking images.

Here is a great article on the subject.

Even then I wouldn’t recommend using them. If you want to make some colorful images like this I would suggest you just shoot them properly in camera and then use photoshop to add these crazy colors.

I would recommend that you pick up a polarizing filter and a uv filter and then start to play around with them.

I hope you had fun creating these wacky images! They are not my cup of tea but to each his/her own! 😉

See you on the next round.