Re: Re: lesson 5

Duncan Rawlinson

Oh yes.

Is this a scanned photograph? It appears to have quite a bit of dust or hair on it. My guess is that it’s a scan of a print. I would advise you to avoid scanning images this way (if that is in fact what you’ve done) If you must scan your images try to scan the negatives themselves.

Now, simply color… the goal here is to create a visually appealing photograph using color as the primary organizing element and you’ve certainly done that here!

Your colors are punchy and the pop quite nicely. They are so vibrant that they are also just about clipping though. Take a look at the edges of the flowers. You’re almost losing detail there. I’ve had this issue myself from time to time and I’ve found I had to actually reduce the vibrancy and or the saturation of the image after the fact. I’m not sure what the technical reason for this is but my solution has been to just turn down the levels a bit.

Now, this assignment, like all the assignments is really just about this one shot. It’s about the idea. The idea of using color to organize your photographs all the time. Try to ensure that you remember this lesson when you’re shooting.

Don’t just think about composition, think about what the color is doing to the frame. In this case your colors work well to showcase the vibrancy of these particular flowers. Of cours you could do the reverse like this:

photo by jdhancock

In the above example color is used to highlight the subject (the little star wars storm trooper figurine…)

I think you understand how powerful this can be to improve your images!

See you on the next lesson.