Re: Re: lesson 5

Duncan Rawlinson

Great job. As I mentioned in your last photograph you had great color control. Limiting your photograph to blues and greens with very small orange highlights. I’m not sure if this was intentional or unintentional, but you did a great job of that. In this photograph I know that the color control was intentional because you just finished reading your lecture on control simplification. From both a technical and artistic standpoint you’ve done a wonderful job with this photograph. You’re using the rule of thirds which helps create an offbeat and asymmetrical look which helps add a dramatic feeling to the photograph. You’ve also have a very clear primary object of interest in this photograph which was lacking in your last assignment. Not only that, but you’ve managed to use a shallow depth of field which helped isolate your main object from the background which helps your audience focus their attention while still providing background content to tell your viewers “where” you are. Great job.
Every assignment of yours has been better than the next.

The only thing I would change about this photograph is that you’ve amputated (cut off) the bottom leaf with the bottom edge of your frame. This was avoidable by simply changing your position. It’s noticeable because you’ve cut off only a little bit and it looks accidental therefore distracting. Be as careful about the edges of your photograph as you are about the center of the photograph. Everything with your 4 walls should be incredibly well thought out.

Great work!