Re: Re: Lesson 5 Assignment Entry

Duncan Rawlinson


Great shot. I’m very interested in seeing more of that blue tractor. I have a feeling there are many more shot possibilities with that object as your main area of focus. The colors and the textures alone are worth photographing. However, equally, if not more interesting, is the contrast in this picture. By that I don’t mean color contrast, I mean the contrast between:

Nature vs. Machine
Technology vs. Decay

There are so many interesting possibilities within this photograph. If I were you I would move in closer to the textures in the tractor. I think showing the contrast between the rust and the vibrant blue colors could create some very interesting shots. There is always something visually appealing about the texture of rust on metal surfaces. Try shooting this again, closer up when you have sufficient lighting coming from the side (this will help bring out the texture).

Strictly from a technical standpoint, you’ve accomplished what was asked of you for this assignment. However, I want to call attention to one element that you effectively eliminated in your last assignments photograph but has crept back into this photograph.

The details of your sky in this picture are completely lost. In order to expose the brush and tractor properly, your camera overexposed the sky. It becomes a lifeless white blog without the texture of a sky. It usually happens do to the limitation of the camera and when you’re shooting in “auto” setting it’s a good compromise. However, it’s still not desirable. I think in this case you could have benefited from removing the sky from the picture totally. Again, this goes back to my previous point about “moving in closer”. This will help eliminate those details. It would also help to further color simplify this photograph since you wouldn’t have the obvious white tone in the background of the image. Instead you would have a stronger focus on your brilliant green and blue colors.

Overall, great work though. I look forward to seeing what you can create for your next assignment.