Re: Re: Lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work. This is what we wanted you to accomplish.

You’ve taken a large scene and you’ve simplified the composition. Organizing larger areas of space in no easy task, and it always bring pleasure to us when we see our students moving away from macro photography to capture braver, larger scenes. There is nothing wrong with macro photography and many shots call for macro or close up shots. However, the same organizational elements can be found in larger scenes (i.e. color organization, clean framing, depth etc) but it requires a much more aware eye.

What I really like about this photograph is that it’s not over simplified. There is enough going on in the frame to keep the image interesting. The photograph abides by the rule of thirds and you give the composition an interesting edge by lowering your perspective which not only gives an interesting point of view, but also allows you to work the grass in as a foreground object which helps you incorporate a better sense of depth.

Great work!