Re: Re: Lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there!

Both of these images are nice but the top image is certainly the stronger image.

You’ll notice that this is almost always the case. The closer you get to your subjects the more likely your photography will be good. It’s a fact! I challenge you to try it! 😉

This photograph certainly meets the criteria for this lesson so you’ve done well.

Simplification is a huge part of a good photography.

Even the most complex environments can be simplified using photographic techniques. Take this photo for example:


The way this photo is composed, the timing of the shot, and the use of patterns all work together to organize what is an otherwise chaotic environment.

Try to do this yourself when you work.

Organize, simplify, and focus on what’s relevant. Be callous in your removal of the unnecessary elements in your photographs.

I hope you’re enjoying the course.

Nice work!

btw, is this you?