Re: Re: lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

I quite like this image.

It’s clean, simple, sharp and for the most part technically sound.

One thing you could have done here to improve this image is to use a graduated ND filter.

That way you could have knocked down the white hot lights on the top of that building and still retained the detail and light in the of the frame.

The red line from the lights of the cars is a nice touch.

I feel as though something is missing here though. Part of me wants to see some type of foreground element or something that gives me some kind of scale.

Don’t forget to move your feet. That’s probably the most underrated photography tip you will ever receive. Just move your feet and find the best position and then shoot.

The main thing here is that this is a complex and chaotic environment and you have simplified it with a clean and elegant image. And that’s exactly what the assignment called for!

Nice job here!

Keep this lesson in mind going forward. Simplify, simplify, simplify!!!