Re: Re: Lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

Your first image of the green wall and the bench is not in focus. So you will have to go back to the very basics here.

Your next image presents some interesting lines and is quite abstract although to simplify the image (the goal of the assignment) I would have not included the sticks and leaves in the corner. Remove everything you possibly can and only include the things that are of interest.

Finally your last image is undoubtedly the strongest image for the purposes of this assignment. This shows that you’ve understood the assignment but also take notice that the area that is in focus in this image is not where there man is standing. It’s actually in the mid ground.

Take extra care with to stabilize your camera in a dark shot at long focal lengths like this and make sure you are focused at the correct distance.

Nice job here but as you can see you need to work on your focus and some of the fundamentals.