Re: Re: Lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

If you are having trouble with your autofocus try to use your manual focus! Maybe you can try to clean your camera, sensor, and lenses. That might fix your autofocus issue. Also be sure you understand what autofocus mode your camera is on and what it is trying to do. On the Nikons there is usually a switch that reads C,S,M. C being continuous, S being single shot, and M being manual.

Here is the Nikon D700 manual for handy reference for you.

You can slightly touch up some of your images but we would rather you didn’t. If you can leave them as you shot them in camera it’s easier to see what could be improved or what was done well!

One of the core tenets here at the Icon Photography School is to get the best photograph you can in-camera. Only at that point do you try to improve the image(s) with post processing software like Adobe Lightroom.

See you on the next one! 😉