Re: Re: lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful photograph! This is precisely what was asked of you with this assignment. Allow me to begin by outlining some of the many highlights of this photograph. As the peak rises from the bottom right corner it comes close to the top of the frame, but you’ve managed to keep the entire peak within the frame. All 4 walls of your photograph are neatly arranged and you’ve managed to ensure all elements within the photograph add to the overall naturalistic feel. There are no distracting elements in this photograph at all. Very well done.

You’ve also managed dramatically layer the photograph into distinguishable compartments. There is the bottom layer of with the beautiful array of colourful trees, the rocky mid layer and the dramatic layer of blues and whites in the sky. Yet, considering there are so many parts to this photograph, you’ve still managed to simplify the photograph’s color spectrum which further helps organize the photograph and adds to its emotional appeal.

You’ve also used lines as a secondary element and a guide for the viewers eye to help lead the eye to the top of the peak. All of these elements together create a very interesting photograph.

The only areas I could see room for improvement are in the exposure levels. The top of your sky is “blown out”. This could be because of a limitation of your digital camera (many of which have a hard time exposing skies properly), or it could have to do with your exposure settings or ISO settings.

It seems as though your camera had a hard time adjusting to the contrast of the dark and light segments of your photograph. The compromise that was made was to overexpose the white part of the sky. However, this is technically distortion, so it’s something you’ll want to be aware of in the future. The difficult part is being able to identify it in your small viewfinder when you’re taking the shot. Some cameras have something called “zebra” that will shade in the areas of your pictures that are overexposed so you’ll be more likely to identify them before you take the picture.

But overall it’s a fantastic photograph.