Re: Re: Lesson 8

Duncan Rawlinson

Sorry about missing this one. That’s totally my I’m not sure how I missed it this. 😳

Thanks for reminding me it’s still here!

Ok, onto the critique. My first thought was wow this is gritty! It’s got a wonderfully emotive feeling to it.

I get a sort of sense of desperation from it.

Now you need to be careful with the pose you choose for your portraits. There are entire books written in this subject. This book has 500 different poses in it!

I just found the pose here was a little awkward/forced/unnatural…

Also, I understand that it was part of the look of this image to have this clutter everywhere. But even clutter can be re-organized by choosing where you shoot from. For instance at this exact angle the handlebars on the bike seem to lead all the way up to the top of the frame beacause there is something in the bkg that is also a similar line.

The bike itself is confusing in a way because my first instinct is to think it’s her bike. But it’s placed in such a way that it looks like it is part of this clutter.

And then the shrubs on top of that detract even more.

So you’ve got layer upon layer of stuff that is visually distracting or visually interesting depending on how you look at it.

I’m inclined to think if there was another angle or a different composition it could have been organized visually a little better.

Be careful on your focus. I’m not sure her face is razor sharp in this image. Faces are almost always the most important part of any image so make sure you get them in focus.

All of that said, the girl has a wonderful expression on her face and this image is interesting!

Just be aware of exactly where you choose to place your camera in 3d space. You want it to be in the exact position to create the most dynamic image. Sometimes that means moving it up one inch or left 10 feet…

Move your feet and get close too.

Nice work on this assignment and I’m sorry for missing it!