Re: Re: Lesson 8 – Advanced Composition

Duncan Rawlinson


This is a very interesting image that combines many of the elements in your previous photographs into 1. This image is a little braver in its inclusion of colors, yet it still has an organizational quality to it.

Similarly, you’ve once again used line to help draw your viewer’s eye into the photograph with both the line of fabrics and the wooden beam acting as leading lines.

I only have two concerns with the image.

1. Inclusion of secondary objects
2. you haven’t included a “stopper”

1. I see a couple of secondary objects that I’m not sure how they enhance your visual story. For example you seem to have part of picnic table in the background. In fact, it’s hard to identify and I find it more distracting than I do beneficial.

There is also a black object on the ground which I have no idea what that could be. Garbage bags? Objects that don’t add to your story should be removed. If they do add to your story then they should be more strongly incorporated into your composition.

2. there is no 1 object that stops my attention. There is no main object of interest. The fabric on the line is very interesting and I would say that is you primary object(s), but your strongest focus is on the white fabric, but I’m not sure why my attention is being drawn there.

I think this image has a lot of potential. It’s very interesting and vibrant. I just want you to be aware of your motivation for all technical and artistic choices. Always ask yourself “what does placing focus here communicate”, “what do these colors communicate”, “what do my background objects communicate”. Try to make everything part of your story.

Other than that, I really liked looking at this image. Thank you!