Re: Re: Lesson 8 – Advanced Photo Comp.


@teacher wrote:

Beautiful shot Brandon.

So far this is the best shot of yours I’ve seen, and you’ve had some great shots. Using backlighting, is for some reason under-explored with portrait photographers. However, it casts such a nice highlight around the subject and really helps separate the subject from the background. It also gives, in my opinion, a very elegant feel to the photograph. The highlights on the right side of the face and in the pigtail are beautiful.

You’ve incorporated all of the elements from your technical lessons, composition lessons, lighting lessons and black and white lessons in this photograph. The placement of the subject, the angle of the lighting, the wide tonal range and the pose of the subject are incredibly well thought out. Congratulations.

As you mentioned with the girls legs, it’s not a problem at all. It’s not that amputation is always bad, it’s just that usually frame cut offs are not that well composed. However, in most busy photographs some type of amputation is necessary; it’s just a matter of quickly planning out your cut lines in the most opportune places. You’ve done a great job of that in this photograph.

In general, try to avoid the joints on the human body (which you’ve successfully done in this photograph). Cutting off at the knees, the ankles, the wrists etc will often lead to awkward framing.

Great photograph.

Thank you very much…With my photography, I try really hard to have well thought out photos but keep it natural…I also try to be way more artistic and break the mold of classic portrait photography, thus the back lighting with sun in view flared and blown out…Again, I avoided cutting the girls legs off at the joint, I always avoid that when I am composing a photograph….As you have said in some photography, one must cut limbs and stuff off…I do this alot, as my style requires me to, in order to get a closer shot of the subject I must cut limbs off….