Re: Re: Lesson 8 Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

I also love playing with shadows.

I really like your image. It reminds me of a video that I watched recently. Again this video takes place in a fantasy land and uses very simple puppets, fabric (or tissue paper) and back lighting to showcase a creative story. You can watch the video here:

I really like the image but I wonder if you should have excluded the light source to make the playfulness of the image more dramatic. As an adult seeing the photograph I can see the cause of the shadow and it takes a bit of the mystery away. I do like how you’ve chosen not to include the object of the angle and I like how you’ve made the angle interact with a real life object, but I think you should consider using another object rather than the light source. What about having the shadow of an angle beside a sleeping child? What about by a framed family portrait? By the child’s journal? Looking out the window?

I feel that by showing the candle it looks a bit like a “behind the scenes” or ‘this is how I did it” photograph.

I love the idea and I truly enjoy this photograph, I would just like to see you dive deep into your imagination to draw out different creative ideas using shadow as your subject.

Great work!