Re: Re: Lesson Three

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for submitting another assignment.

This assignment is really about two things. Using a slow shutter to capture motion and creating a photograph with shallow depth of field. In some of your photographs you have attempted to capture or freeze motion. In order to do this you must use a fast shutter speed! In your photograph of the cards in the air you have used a flash and a shutter speed of 1/1200. You’ll notice that you have frozen the motion but the image is out of focus. In a situation like this is best to manual focus your camera before the action occurs. Otherwise your camera’s autofocus may not be fast enough to focus before it snaps the image.

For your photograph of the teddy bear I believe you we’re trying to achieve the panning effect. Take a look at this video: It will help you understand this technique in more depth.

For your photograph of the car/mouse you’ve certainly achieved shallow depth of field. 😀

Be aware of your white balance going forward. Note the yellowish tint to some of the the photographs. That occurs because you are using auto white balance and your camera is having trouble figuring out what kind of light there is. Play around with this a bit and try to match the white balance setting to your shooting environment.

Nice job on these although you still need practice to ensure you know the distinction between capturing motion and freezing motion.

See you on the next assignment.