Re: Re: Lesson6

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there!

This is a nice photo but it’s not what we we’re after in this assignment.

This is what the assignment was all about:

For this assignment you are going to pay extra close attention to the process of simplification. We want you to be aware of your background and your foreground. We want you to be aware of the edges of your photograph as well as the composition of your photograph. Your main concern with this photograph will be including elements which add to the overall look and story of your picture and ensuring the removal of all distracting or unimportant elements.

That being said, the image must be taken outdoors and can’t be a still life photograph. This would be an easy assignment if we told you to take a photograph of an apple against a white background. The purpose of this assignment isn’t for you to prove you know what simplification is. The purpose is for you to show that you can implement simplification into your pictures even in a cluttered and disorganized environment. It’s about organizing chaos.

The key part is that you can show you can organize a chaotic environment. A statue inside a building is not the type of chaotic environment we mean even if the people milling about make it feel chaotic. The elements in your photo are inherently simplified for you already.

We don’t want to be so hard on you that you lose interest in progressing but we really think you should re-shoot this one. Take your camera out for a photowalk and force yourself to simplify something inherently chaotic. Remove everything from the frame you can to simplify it. No worries if you don’t feel like it but we’d love to see you achieve it.

We apologize for the slow response time on this assignment.