Re: Re: Paris in the Dessert

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work!

The technical precision of your work doesn’t’ go unnoticed. You’ve also chosen detailed and complicated objects to work around The Eiffel Tower much have taken some time to cut out and layer on top of the desert. I’ve enlarged the image looking to continuity errors, but the image is very clear and precise. Great work.

My only concern was with your foreground. The image of the desert and lake looks a bit jarring to me. At first glance I thought you inserted clouds in the foreground which took away from the believability of the shot. I think keeping the original foreground would have been more artistically believable.

My last concern deals with contrast. Generally as we look towards horizons, the atmosphere contains moisture, UV and pollutants which distort our ability to see objects. For example look at the following mountain ranges.

Notice how as we look to the distance the contrast decreases and the mountains appear more washed out?

However, in your image the mountain ranges (in the foreground) have less contrast than your Eiffel Tower. Your foreground should always have more contrast than your background. Otherwise it doesn’t look believable. It’s a small detail, but one to be aware of nonetheless.

Great work. I love this image.