Re: Re: Photo Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Paul,

Honestly this is not exactly what this assignment is about. I think you should re-shoot this assignment and put more energy into it. This photograph is certainly not your best…

Here are some examples of other student’s work on this assignment recently that you can use for inspiration.

Example 1

Example 2

Remember the assignment reads like this:

This lesson is about finding a way to reproduce something you imagine in your mind onto your camera’s film or CCD chip. It could be a scene from a day dream or just something you think up on the spot. Try to use your imagination to ensure it’s as dramatic as possible. You have complete creative control of this photograph. You’re not waiting for a decisive moment, and you can place anyone or anything in any position you wish. Use your imagination and have fun. Think about costumes, dramatic lighting, contradicting items, dark gloomy themes, bright, overexposed themes.

If you want me to critique this particular photo I will but I’d really like it if you stepped it up a notch for this assignment.

Thanks and hopefully you understand the goal is to make you a better photographer not to make you do work for the sake of it!