Re: Re: Photography Portfolio Website


Thank you for such good insight.
I had no idea you could test your page’s time to upload and i agree it is a bite heavy.
I like wix but i do think they are a small company not sure. Any companies comparative to this one you feel are better? My host cite is from godaddy i think they are larger?
Will limit the images you mentioned and the main page it does feel overwhelming to a client.

Still in the process and excited of setting up pay pall and facebook page for this site. So far clients have been paying on a check/cash basis but i think the pay pall looks more professional? I’m not sure… The business part of photography is still a learning curve.

I like the footer suggestion: Just didn’t know if I would be over selling myself as a model instead of a photographer (i’m a bit timid for self advertising). But currently i’m shooting a calendar for 2014/15 and the models i have gotten all said they wanted to work with me because of my previous experience so maybe this would work.

Anyways thanks for all the pointers and yes this cite is and never will be 100 percent finished! I’m always changing it as i evolve or get new ideas, shots, and critiques thanks! 😆