Re: Re: Photoshop


Photoshop #1
Here I airbrushed her body and removed her stress veins in her face along with pimples.
Lightened her eyes and lifted shadows. Cropped photo to fit in frame.
[attachment=2:ctres3up]Lesson 11 photoshop 1_edited-1.jpg[/attachment:ctres3up]
Photoshop #2
Here I played with some reflection options on photoshop.
[attachment=1:ctres3up]Lesson 11 photoshop 2.jpg[/attachment:ctres3up]
Photoshop #3
This one was my favorite for the type of photography I do. I tried to give it a VOGUE or GQ fashion look.
[attachment=0:ctres3up]Lesson 11 photoshop 1_edited-1-2.jpg[/attachment:ctres3up]