Re: Re: Photoshop


Thank you for all the great criques! I agree with the focus of the eyes I used a monopod on the boat but it was hard to keep stable.. the sail boat was a bit tippy. Editing and the photoshop playground can seem endless and i find I have to watch NOT to let if over take my photography! Sometimes I find even if I had a terrible picture but i didn’t want to miss the moment instead of throwing the picture away I’ll throw it into photoshop and surprised what I can save. ps. Yes i always shoot in Raw then upload to Lightroom or photoshop and then save file as a JPG.
As far as my weekend unfortunately I was shooting a wedding and my back gave out. (baby is due in 3 weeks 馃槸 ). Went to Dr. and they said I ruptured my L4-L5 disk in my spine. So now im in a wheel chair or bedrest full time. I’m glad it came at the end of this course rather then lesson one! 馃槅
At least studding for the final will keep me busy because i’m getting cabin fever! 馃槇