Re: Re: Redo – Lesson 8


What I had in mind when staging this photo was this: A woman doing mechanical work on her car. I added the hat, which one would wear on Sunday. The idea was one doesn’t usually do this type of work with a “hat one would wear to church” perhaps. The other idea is that the lady looks somewhat perplexed as if to say “what do I do next”, or “thinking/trying to figure out the next step in the process. I was trying to create a paradoxical situation incorporating the following things:

1. Mechanic working on auto with “dress-up type” clothing.

2. You will notice the diamond ring on her finger.

3. These items are not usually associated with mechanical type working. In other words, one would expect work type clothing, and certainly not diamond rings on their fingers.

4. I also wanted to give the photo a “vintage” flavor.

5. What would you suggest I may have done to better get these ideas across?’

It was lots of fun putting these ideas together.